Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Lab

The lab focuses on the recent advances in sub-areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML). The major thrust areas of current research include Image and Video Content Analysis, Computer Vision, Neural Architecture Search, Medical Image Computing, and Probabilistic Machine Learning.

Software Engineering Lab

This lab is used to study various concepts of Software Engineering. Student can understand and implement the software development models and can deal with issues of software engineering. To understand the processes of software testing, student can use different software testing tools. This lab is used to perform practical of subjects like Software engineering, Software testing and quality assurance.

Web Technology Lab

Web Technologies Lab enables students to develop skills in building modern web applications. Through practical exercises and projects, students gain proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React or Angular. This lab fosters creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration, preparing students for careers in web development and user interface design. This lab equips students with the skills to create engaging and interactive web experiences.

Programming Lab

Programming lab is a hands-on project and assignment-based learning space where students will gain strong practical and technical skills in various programming languages including C, Python and Java, UNIX/Linux: shell, tools, utilities and programming environments, user interfaces, and software engineering principles. The interactive experiments in this lab will give the students an opportunity for learning and better understanding of the basic concepts and constructs of computer programming as well as advanced methodology concepts like Deep learning, Big data Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence etc.