S.NoFaculty NameYear/MonthPatent TitleAffiliationNational/Int patentStatus Filed/Published/Granted
1Dr.Rachna JainJun-23Artificial intelligence based smart glasses for determining retinal stressBPITInternationalGranted
2Dr. Rachna JainMar-23IOT Based Wearable Health
Monitoring Device
3Dr.Ritu GuptaFeb-23Automatic smart Health care System to prevent and detection of alltypes of Tumors based on bacteria to enhance anti-tumorimmunotherapy using Artifi cial Intelligence and Machine LearningAlgorithmsBPITNationalPublished
4Dr.Nitish PathakDec-22IoT-based health monitoring system over 4G networkBPITNationalGranted
5Dr.Nitish PathakMar-22Three Port Car ChargerBPITNationalGranted
6Dr.Monika AroraFeb-22IOT Based Speaker Reorganization systemBPITNationalPublished
7Dr.C M SharmaFeb-22IoT & AI-based “Eyes for Non-Eyes” – A Sensor-based Intelligent system to Blind people.BPITNationalPublished
8Dr.Varsha SharmaFeb-22System and Method for Analyzing the Emotions of the Person using Smart SensorsBPITNationalPublished
9Dr.Varsha SharmaFeb-22Cloud-based Human Resource Big Data Analysis and Decision Making for Group EnterprisesBPITNationalGranted
10Dr.Shailendra GaurFeb-22IoT & AI-based “Eyes for Non-Eyes” – A Sensor-based Intelligent system to Blind people.BPITNationalPublished
11Dr.Ritu GuptaJan-22IOT, Cloud Based STROKE- DISEASE Classification AND Prediction using Machine Learning AlgorithmsBPITNationalPublished
12Dr.Monika AroraSep-21Methods for translating sign language using convolutional Neural NetworkBPITNationalPublished
13Dr.Nitish PathakAug-21A Drone-based Traffic Congestion Mitigation SystemBPITInternationalGranted
14Dr.Ritu GuptaAug-21Color Image Water Marking Scheme using Partial Homomorphic Crypto System in ASWDR Compression domainBPITInternationalPublished
15Dr.Abhishek SwaroopJun-21An ION Exchange process for industrial waste water treatmentBPITInternationalGranted